The Campus Crisis: Essays
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The evidence is all around us: many of the most elite universities in America have become hostile to Jews and Zionists. Columbia, Harvard, Yale, MIT—these institutions and many more have allowed anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic groups to take over their campuses. In many cases, Jews are no longer welcome.
What's happening at these institutions has been building for more than a decade. In Tikvah's new e-book, The Campus Crisis: Essays, you'll learn how and why this anti-Israel rhetoric has grown in popularity and power over time, how so many of the best and brightest young Americans have been captured by it, and what American Jews—and every person who cares about the flourishing of the United States and the West—must do to defeat it.

The book includes essays like:

Eric Cohen on a Jewish answer to the university crisis

Ruth Wisse on the roots of campus anti-Semitism

Bari Weiss on how to fight college anti-Semitism

Tamara Berens on the BDS movement at Columbia

Andrew Koss on why Jewish studies is missing in action

And much more...

The forces now arrayed against Israel and the Jews are arrayed against America too. If you want to learn how these pernicious movements took over the academy—and how you can join Tikvah in offering new educational opportunities that honor our Jewish, Zionist, and American inheritance—sign up to get your e-book today.

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