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Judicial Debate

A quarter-century of analysis and argument about the place and power of Israel’s Supreme Court

Israel is in the throes of its most divisive domestic political debate in decades—a debate that goes to the heart Israel’s identity as a Jewish and democratic state. In this e-book, Tikvah brings together the most important essays from the past quarter century on the topic of the Israeli judiciary, explaining the historical roots of Israel’s current contention, analyzing what it means for the nation today, and suggesting a path forward.  If you want to understand Israel’s judicial debate in all its complexity, nuance, and importance, this is the resource for you. Get your copy now. 

Tikvah is only able to engage in the kind of serious intellectual work on display in this e-book due to the generosity of our supporters. If you would like to support our mission to bring the best Jewish and Zionist ideas to the world, you can do so here. 

Featuring ideas and analysis from top political commentators, celebrated legal minds, Israeli historians, leading figures in the current debate — and David Ben-Gurion himself. Articles include: 

“Against Court and Constitution” — A never-before-translated speech by David Ben-Gurion explaining the advantages and disadvantages of a written constitution for Israel.

“Aharon Barak’s Revolution” — An intellectual profile of Aharon Barak, the driving force behind Israel’s constitutional revolution.

“How the Government’s Attorney Became Its General” — How the Israeli judiciary transformed the government’s legal advisor into its judge. 

“Israel’s Judicial Reckoning” — Israel’s court is abnormally powerful and has caused half the nation to lose faith in its government. Reform will help, as long as it doesn’t cause the other half to do the same.

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