Launching January 2023 . . .

Advancing Jewish, Western & American Civilization

Thanks to strategic investments from the Lobel Family and the Edelman Family Foundation, we are thrilled to announce a major new initiative in Jewish education. The Lobel Center will be rooted in the belief that the foundational texts of Jewish civilization are our birthright and our north star; that Western civilization is a great inheritance; that America is an exceptional nation and that Hebraic ideas have profoundly shaped the American character; that Israel is the sacred homeland of the Jewish people and that the Zionist story is heroic; and that mastering the classical arts of reading, writing, and rhetoric are key to unlocking the riches of Jewish and Western culture. Our mission is to immerse the rising generation of young Jews in Jewish texts, American ideals, and Western thought. 

The Lobel Center's 4 Major Initiatives:



Developing new courses of study in key fields—including history, literature, religion, and culture

Our curricula and programs will be aimed at cultivating the Jewish mind and heart. We will build these classical education programs in consultation with leading thinkers and educators, and we will focus on the deep connections between general and Judaic studies that should come together in the formation of Jewish souls.



Launching a series of new programs aimed at developing, educating, and strengthening teachers

The Lobel Center will offer fellowship programs for Jewish day school educators and a new MA program focused on Jewish Classical Education. We plan to draw young talent into the teaching profession (including many Tikvah alumni) and to invest in the very best teachers already in the field.



Building and expanding strategic partnerships with Jewish day schools around the country

The Lobel Center will work with the full range of Jewish day schools and yeshivas across North America and around the world. Teacher by teacher, department by department, school by school, our purpose will be to bring the model of Jewish classical education into the curriculum, culture, and classroom.



Creating learning materials that reach Jewish students beyond the Jewish day school world

We believe the model of Jewish classical education can inspire young Jews of any background to understand the foundational ideas, stories, and texts of Jewish civilization and to explore how Jewish ideas have influenced America and the West. We want to draw Jewish students and Jewish families into this renaissance of learning.

Stay Informed About the Lobel Center!

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